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  1. Bank Fishing Reports
    Summary:No bites. from shore or otherwise. went on based on report: Target fish: catties Lake: Walter E long Date: 8/19/17 1-6pm Weather: clear sky, HOT 100F Water Conditions...
  2. Black Bass Fishing Reports
    Caught 2 small keepers, each about 1 1/2 lbs., across from clock dock along the reeds late morning on a wacky rigged watermelon red flake Senko. Moved down lake to the house that is for sale next to the creek that has the double enclosed wood dock off the main lake (sorry don't have any better...
  3. Coastal Reports
    Went out to Port Mansfield on Sunday and monday. Sunday was completely amazing. The blue water crept up into the jetties, the wind was calm, birds were diving, bait was plentiful, and the waves.... Ha well if I could even call them waves had to have been less than a foot! The spearfishing was...
1-3 of 3 Results