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decker lake

  1. Decker Lake 10/18/2016

    Black Bass Fishing Reports
    Got on the lake at around 7:30am. It was incredibly windy and difficult to fish all day. We started out at the discharge with with no luck using a Booyah Pad Crasher. We ended up going to the cove across from the discharge because it was somewhat out of the wind. The Pad Crasher wasn't...
  2. Decker lake 06/19

    Black Bass Fishing Reports
    Went out to decker for the second time and once again it proved to be a fun lake. Still learning the lake, but that will come with time. Started the day of with a black buzzbait then followed that up with some t-rig senkos and chigger craws. Caught a total of 8 fish. Most were between 2-3lb but...
  3. Decker this morning

    Black Bass Fishing Reports
    First time on Decker this morning. Spent some time learning the lake contours and cover and found one good bass. Hooked up with a few more, but lost them both. Learned not to try and rip lures out of the grass unless you want to get the pliers after all your hooks. Looked around for some white...
  4. Decker Lake/Walter E. Long - Bank Fishing

    Black Bass Fishing Reports
    Hello, Has anyone had a successful fishing trip at Decker Lake fishing from the bank? And i know some of you will say that a successful fishing day was just to be out there fishing but i mean like actually catching fish. Does anyone have tips? secret spots on the bank? or need a boat to catch...