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  1. Striped/Hybrid/White Bass Reports
    just got a new hook 7 fish finder with downscan and wanting to be able to try to learn it on some known brushpiles and structures anyone know where some may be to try my new finder out thank you all so much as im new and wanting to find some crappie
  2. Fishing Tackle and Related Gear
    I started kayak fishing & I was going to try some crappie fishing in the Yorktown VA area. I think Black crappie seem to be the most abundant which I'm going to plan. I was going to just go with live minnows. Any other suggestions or tips ?
  3. Striped/Hybrid/White Bass Reports
    I will be on lake buchanan with some friends next weekend (10/22) in my fishing boat, never really fished the lake, im looking for any helpful pointers on techniques or locations (i dont need any secrete spots, just something that will put a few fish in the boat). I normally fish out at rockport...
  4. Striped/Hybrid/White Bass Reports
    I'm headed to Granger tomorrow. I am wanting to pick up some live bait so my son can fish with me. I called the Exxon right there in Circleville and they have medium minnows for $3.50 a dozen and large for $4 a dozen. Seems pricy but I haven't seen many options around the area or on the way. I...
  5. Tips and Techniques
    As we all are right about now, I'm more than ready for our warmer months. Recently I've been thinking about all of the bass fishing i did during the crazy storms last summer. I remember hearing my buddy saying that the bass, well fish in general, tend to bite a bit harder when it rains. I...
  6. Bank Fishing Reports
    New to austin, as of last summer. I'm used to bass fishing in ponds and boating in Ray Hubbard. Last summer my best catch was a largemouth a little over 10 lbs on a green watermelon seed super fluke. I also enjoy catching CRAPPIE and am very interested in beginning my cat fishing journey. Any...
  7. Bank Fishing Reports
    Been a long time since I did any night fishing on Travis, especially with the water at current levels. Can anybody suggest a lit dock that would have some potential for some crappie and/or cats? Or other suggestions for some night fishing off Travis? I currently live in Brushy Creek area, so...
  8. Tips and Techniques
    Went out to Travis on Saturday night and caught a barely keeper crappie by Mansfield dam. Just one, though. Is this a bad time of year for crappie? Been searching the forum, but haven't found much info about people catching crappie in lady bird lake. Are there any productive sections of lady...
  9. Tips and Techniques
    I'm planning on trying my luck at Granger for the first time on Sunday, and was looking to see if any of you had some quick tips for anything that is biting currently. Im mostly going after crappie though, and have read around on other threads about targeting the brushpiles, unfortunately I...
1-9 of 9 Results