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  1. Sucking holes

    Bank Fishing Reports
    So I went fishing last night at one of my local spots and witnessed a phenomenon I have not seen before. Per usual (for this spot) I was throwing everything I had from the bank and not catching. I walked along the shoreline, cast after cast parallel to the bank, the sun was about to set. When...
  2. Twin Lakes | Cedar Park

    Bank Fishing Reports
    Fished the South Lake at Twin Lakes in Cedar Park from the banks with my boys for an hour and a half. Threw a 6.5inch jointed swimbait (I ordered from China online) the whole time. Nothing happening until I hit a cove and hooked a 3.15 LMB. Good times with the boys!
  3. Small lakes/Ponds in the area suitable for yak fishing

    Small Craft (kayaks, tubes, canoes)
    Anyone have any suggestions on small ponds/small lakes around the austin area mainly north since i live in Cedar Park. Thanks!