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  1. Catfish Rod Help

    Fishing Tackle and Related Gear
    I am going to purchase a catfish rod for larger catfish and carp 6-20lb+ I will have a casting reel put on it. I have no clue what rod to get besides that it needs to be med/heavy. Price range would be <100$(50$ more preferable). Thanks for advice in advance. Nate
  2. Helped catch a monster today!

    Miscellaneous Info
    Took a vacation to visit family in Missouri just up river from St Louis the last few days. Had to get a line wet while I was here (of course!) And we got a few bass while on Mark Twain Lake early in the week, nothing to write home about. Last day here we went catfish'n to get the grandparent's...
  3. Bank catfishing on Travis?

    Bank Fishing Reports
    Hey all! Trying to go catfishing early Saturday morning on LT. What's the best bank access (where there's actually water) for the best catfishing? I haven't been out to any of the parks, but I've read that Pace Bend and Bob Wentz are okay. Any suggestions would be great! Thanks!