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  1. Fishing Tackle and Related Gear
    I have 2 7' quantum M rods. One is matched with an Abu Garcia SX40, the other with a Pflueger Trion 40, (both spinning reels) and I plan on spooling them with a braid. First question is what weight and brand of braid to use? Second question is I plan on using one as a Senko rig most of the time...
  2. Tips and Techniques
    I have a quick question about spooling braid on a spinning reel. I've looked on line but i'm getting different answers. Okay my question, When spooling braid on a spinning reel, do you have to spool backing first? do you always use a leader? How long? May sound like a stupid question but I...
  3. Tips and Techniques
    When trolling deep diving cranks it seems that braid will get your crank deeper, but has no stretch to absorb strikes. Mono stretches and absorbs these, but because of the thick diameter it will not dive as deep. I have been using Berkley big game 12lb for trolling and have done really well...
1-3 of 3 Results