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  1. Angler looking for friend with a boat

    Non-Boaters / Tournament Partner Finder
    Hi, I have lived in Austin for about 2 years. I have fished all around town by land, but I am looking for anyone with a boat who needs a new fishing buddy. I will naturally split costs of running(gas, bait etc) and buy lunch or grill up our catch if you are down. I'm a pretty avid fisher and...
  2. 6/21/2017 Mueller Pond Fishing- NEW PB Largemouth

    Bank Fishing Reports
    Hello all, I am new to this site, but not to fishing- I am mostly active on the FB group Keep Austin Fishing! and Fishbrain (with the username ntyler2092). I fished Mueller pond starting approximately 6:30-6:45pm and started fishing with a wacky rig- landed one fish that was just above 2lbs...
  3. Searching Surrounds of Circle C

    Black Bass Fishing Reports
    Might be moving to Circle C as the suburbs are calling now that the kiddo is getting bigger. Does anyone know of nearby fishing spots down around that area? I live near downtown now and when the kiddo goes to bed, it's easy for me to hit some spots close to the house, but wondering if I'm SOL...
  4. Why Did The Angler Cross The Road?

    Bank Fishing Reports
    Went to Holly Shores at Metropolitan Park today during lunch for a quick scout, having never been. I'm a bank fisherman for now (kayak's on the list) and was wondering if anyone had any advice on where to fish in this area? I saw the pedestrian bridge that's part of the Hike and Bike trail...
  5. New Old Guy Looking for Pointers

    Tips and Techniques
    Grew up fishing for blacks with my Dad in Arkansas during the summers. Some days when the fishing was slow, my dad would always talk about the monsters he could catch during the spawn in the winter. Since I only got to go down during the summer, I have never fished a spawn. Now while my stint...