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  1. Not exactly a new guy but....

    New Member Introductions
    I haven't been on here in 9 years! Probably haven't fished even longer than that. I live in Paige, close to Bastrop and so am thinking of trying my luck there. Is there a forum for Lake Bastrop or surrounding areas around Austin? I've been gone from fishing a pretty long time. I need to...
  2. Lake Bastrop North Vs. South Shore

    Tips and Techniques
    Which do you like better? No need for specific fishing spots unless your inclined to share. I will be fishing lake Bastrop in a couple of weeks for the first time. I am just wondering if people prefer north or south shore... is one more populated with families swimming and such? Thanks for the...
  3. BassDrop 0626

    Miscellaneous Info
    Was really choppy yesterday. I got bit a couple of times, then when the sun was close to setting, I persuaded a couple of fatties to make a portrait with me. Wind was tough, but it's always better than working, no matter what.