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  1. Non-Boaters / Tournament Partner Finder
    Hi, I have lived in Austin for about 2 years. I have fished all around town by land, but I am looking for anyone with a boat who needs a new fishing buddy. I will naturally split costs of running(gas, bait etc) and buy lunch or grill up our catch if you are down. I'm a pretty avid fisher and...
  2. Bass Fishing News
    Hi, As this is March and we all have whole year for fishing but I'm looking to know the best time for Bass Fishing In Miami ?
  3. Bank Fishing Reports
    Not the normal report. But thought I'd share my report via video. Grew up in East Texas fishing lakes.. but now I love rivers and creeks!
  4. Boats and Motors
    Any suggestions on purchasing my FIRST fishing boat. I will be buying used. I live close to downtown Austin and will be primarily looking to bass fish nearby on the weekends. I assume mostly Lake Austin, Lake Travis, Bastrop, and maybe Fayette. Debating between a bass boat, a hybrid fish/fun...
  5. Fishing Tackle and Related Gear
    Hi Folks, we are new vendors on the forum: We are trying to get a product launched through kickstarter... a tube to store umbrella rigs and make them easier to switch or tie on a line. We only have till Jan 5 to determine if there is enough interest in paying for a...
  6. Vendor Deals
    Infinite Lures Bulk Orders We are proud to announce that in answer to multiple request for bulk packages, we have answered your call. Infinite Lures now offers 3 different sizes for ordering. Infinite Lures is offering a 25% discount to celebrate the remaining summer months and the upcoming...
  7. Black Bass Fishing Reports
    Went out to decker for the second time and once again it proved to be a fun lake. Still learning the lake, but that will come with time. Started the day of with a black buzzbait then followed that up with some t-rig senkos and chigger craws. Caught a total of 8 fish. Most were between 2-3lb but...
  8. Bank Fishing Reports
    I am taking the wife out for some more experience doing some fishing, and we are bringing the pups for some play time afterwards. Planning on spending the day on LBL so figured Red Bud Isle was a good spot to try. Anyone having any luck around the bank there lately? If so, Senko's and Spinner...
  9. Tips and Techniques
    Hi Everyone! I tried searching for anything about this topic but didn't see much. How often do any of y'all fish after 8pm on Lady Bird or Lake Austin? Do you have any specific recommendations on techniques? Would be interested to hear both about bank fishing and from a kayak. Thanks!
  10. Bank Fishing Reports
    Hello, My name is Logan, I am new to the ABF forum as of tonight and have some questions for the bank fishermen out there. I recently am returning to fishing as my number one hobby after blowing out my knee has taken me off the bike for a while. Today i tried Mueller pond and the pond...
  11. Small Craft (kayaks, tubes, canoes)
    Hey ABF members & guests, Time to fish for some cash starting next month. MOC Kayaks and other tournament directors are putting on 4 tournaments for 2013. Capital City Kayak Fishing Tournament Series (CCKFTS) is all about deregulation, no point systems or dropping lakes. Each tournament date...
  12. Bank Fishing Reports
    Hi everyone, just wanted to share a spot that made my day. I also managed to get it on video. You can check it out on YouTube.
  13. Bank Fishing Reports
    I decided to go and check out one of the free parks on the north side of Lake Travis. It was a long drive from where I am at, but well worth it. Usually I decide to pack a cooler with the essentials like, ice and water, but yesterday I didn't even bring a cooler. I sure wish I would have. I...
1-13 of 18 Results