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  1. cane pole fishing with my 3-year-old son?

    Tips and Techniques
    I'd like to take my 3-year-old son out cane pole bank fishing around Austin. Not trying to catch trophies. Just want to get him excited about throwing a baited hook in the water and pulling out a perch or bluegill. Any suggestions for bait and locations appreciated. He's not coordinated enough...
  2. Newbie wanting to fish at Pedernalis

    Tips and Techniques
    Hey guys, I want to go fishing early Sunday morning (5am) at Pedernalis State Park. Where would you recommend, and what would you use? Lure? bait? Thanks for any tips you can give me. Cheers!
  3. Lure Reports -October

    Tips and Techniques
    I wanted to start a new thread similar to fishing reports that let people know what the fish are hitting. I guess knowing about tried-and-true lures and presentation are good, but I am also talking about dialing in to those special lures, presentations, or color/patterns that are really hot...