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    New to sport

    Hey everyone, thanks for letting me join. I’m very new to bass and lure fishing, I only knew how to fish for cats and accidentally caught a large mouth one day and been hooked since. I’ve been fishing south Austin area creeks and rivers. Kinda sketchy walking a creek bank alone but the thrill of a bass on your line is amazing. I’d like to find a good fishing spot and travel Austin to fish for bass and learn more about it. Ive been doing a lot of research and video watching so any tips or pointers would be great. Thanks in advance

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    hey man,

    welcome to ABF. keep stomping them creeks like youre doing. all the tips, tricks and advice will never compare with your time on the water. enjoy it for what it is...and in my opinion there is no better reason to get outside and explore than fishing.

    welcome and have fun.


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    I'd say start with soft plastics and work your way up from there. Texas rigged worms, weightless flukes and senkos are a pretty good place to start. Colors just stay natural at first anything in a green pumpkin shade usually works well. For alternative colors shad or white are a pretty good bet to start out with. Youtube is definitely a great resource one of my favorite channels is Tactical Bassin. Also check out subscription based services like lucky tackle box. This will expose you to different types of lures and techniques and help you build your own set of confidence baits. But like TWC4 said nothing can replace time on the water and trying out new spots and techniques.

    One last tip is you want to accelerate your learning is consider hiring a local guide. For Lake Travis I recommend Allen Christenson, for other Central Texas Lakes and bank fishing guide I recommend Ander Meine. Yes it will cost you but the experience and knowledge you will gain is well worth it.



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