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    Question Not exactly a new guy but....

    I haven't been on here in 9 years! Probably haven't fished even longer than that. I live in Paige, close to Bastrop and so am thinking of trying my luck there. Is there a forum for Lake Bastrop or surrounding areas around Austin? I've been gone from fishing a pretty long time. I need to get back to it, especially now that I have a son-in-law. But first I need to go out with someone who knows what they're doing and have experience in the Bastrop area. Anyone want to "mentor" me? Please? I have 2 kayaks, a one person and a 2 person that I'd ideally be using eventually....
    Side note... Lake Bastrop is a warm lake due to the power generating station there. Is this a concern for the health of the fish coming out of it?
    Thanks in advance,

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    Hey bud so I live in mcdade and would be more than happy to help out on bastrop. I do have a boat so anytime you wanna go out just let me know



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