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Thread: What happened to the site & Kudos to all of you

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    Quote Originally Posted by austinjohn View Post
    I'm pretty sure I caught a fish in your boat one time. Oh yeah, it's on the left in my sig, that dinky little 8 pounder. I've caught a lot of 9s and some 10s since then, but I've never thought about replacing that 8 pounder with a different pic. Three reasons, Skeeter Matt took that picture (and he just snatched the fish from the water with his man hands, no net needed), I'm wearing a longhorn's hat which is kick ass, and I can't photoshop for shit. So yeah, no need to ever replace that glorious fish pic.
    that's awesome!

    Sounds good, afterwards we can have a knitting circle and discuss our menstruation cycles.John Ward

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    Yep Miss the good ol' days!

    Welcome to the board RC. Allow myself to introduce myself, I mean some of the team:


    RudeHo derived his handle from his early beginnings as a pimp slangin snapper on the south side of Austin. Many young ladies feared the back of his swooping hand as he was notorious for pimpin' a hoe when she got out of line...needless to say his pimp hand is waaay strong. If you are fortunate to catch a glimpse of this guy on the water consider yourself lucky. It has been reported that the white Triton always travels at speeds in excess of 70 mph...keep your eyes peeled and don't blink. In addition to his skillsets as a master angler he is also versed in the art of grilling and dead rat removal.

    TDub aka GRANDEHead

    This redneck wonder grew up and refined his power fishing skills along the shores of Lake Fork, the meth capitol of TX. He is also known as "TweakedoutTerry" and can be seen jumping from spot to spot in his constant search for the delicious bass...I guess some habits are hard to kick. If fortunate enough your significant others will be treated to an apologetic story of how he earned the nickname GRANDEhead When the fishing gets tough this crafty angler resorts to the art of hand-lined wacky worms, a proven technique not widely known on the shores of Travis. TDub is notorious for two things...taking other people's milk money on Travis and saving the board.


    Before Eric was known as "EA" he went by "Sexual White Chocolate" and was heavily favored among the robust women that frequented La Bare. Years have passed since he dangled his 2" Senko before mobs of adoring fans, he now shakes his sultry worm along the banks of Lake Austin and has lured many of her full-bodied females into biting his 5" Senko (guess the Enzyte worked huh?) :-X ;D EA has also authored several books including "When In Doubt, Set The Hook...Even If It's A Tree" and "Breaking $1000.00 Worth Of Rods In 30 Minutes For Dummies".


    Mr. Jenkins is the founding member and fearless leader of ABF. While revered as a world class trophy trash fisherman he is also well known as the MacGyver of bass boats. Broke your bow light? No need to buy another, all you need is some duct tape, chewing gum and a flashlight. Need a new livewell drain system? Baaaa, he can fix ya right up with a bottle of cabernet, a paperclip and a Kotex. You think that's impressive? You ain't seen nothin yet...this dynamic angler's most dominant skill is his uncanny ability to take a 12.5" fish and streeeeeeeeetch it to 13.5".

    You TOZ guys should be afraid...VERY afraid.

    Welcome to the board.

    Let me also introduce AirFob too you..

    AirFob's life began in the very mean streets of SouthEast Asia. ( On the South side on Da-Nang )

    He was poor, and hungry, but got by chain smoking cigarettes...

    At the age of 6, he stowed away on a freighter full of shoes heading for America.

    After being locked in a container for 6 weeks full of Air Jordan shoes, it came to him how to make a new life in America, selling over sized Hi-tops to stupid Americans.

    Thus, the AirFob empire was started.

    Selling used shoes day to day out of the back of his car in the Asian section of Houston, he was known as " Yellow Kong " or in English " The King of the Stinky Foot "

    His dream to be a big player would the be dashed in a tragic accident when Fob's then wife, was killed when a rack of shoes collapsed on her.

    The death of his wife lead to heavy drinking while wearing her bra on his head. (Even though she did not wear it too much... or really anything else come to think of it )

    Fob, then found Bass Fishing, but the drinking of LITE BEER continued.

    Click this bar to view the original image of 1024x768px.

    After a 6 month stint in re-hab, he replaced his drinking habit with a addiction of Sniffing the air released when opening Bandit crank baits.

    Soon, he was banned from Academy, Sportsmans, and all Walmarts in the lower 48, and the recovery process began.

    So once you meet him, please, no beer, Air Jordan shoes, or most of all........... Bandit crankbaits.. .....
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    Best post ever!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the memories. My boat is the ProMaster, in the right side of the pic with Rude. Anyone hear from Andy lately?
    Last edited by lowbass; 09-03-2015 at 06:28 PM.
    A hot bite=> and a cold Lone Star......Nothing better!

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    Matt you're still my hero.
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    It is imperative to remain confident in your abilities when the bullets are flying.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mateo6891 View Post
    Attachment 18366

    Lake Austin was on fire!
    They gonna be Aw-ite... =P
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    Quote Originally Posted by lowbass View Post
    Best post ever!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the memories. My boat is the ProMaster, in the right side of the pic with Rude. Anyone hear from Andy lately?
    Talked to him about a month ago, he is still in Houston.

    Pro Staff:

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    "Shit is not like it once was"- AggieGreg


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