Golf Tournament for a good cause
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    Golf Tournament for a good cause

    Hey Guys,

    The 6th annual St. Helen Catholic School Golf Tournament is Monday November 5th. This year there is a Golf Ball Drop! They are going to drop all the golf balls sold from a crane over a putting green - the one closest to the hole or first in the hole wins 1/2 the pot!

    Here's the link to purchase a golf ball/s online via credit card:

    The prize: The school's goal is to sell 1000 golf balls, so each person buying one $20 golf ball would have a 1 in 1000 chance at winning $10,000. The more you buy, the better your chances. Pass it onto your friends at work, family and neighbors and make sure they put in Kelsea or Zachary Bridges as the student selling the ticket so they get credit. Feel free to forward this email and link!

    Full details located at -

    Thank you for supporting our school,
    Clint and Kelly along with Kelsea & Zachary Bridges



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