Sugar Stix, senko knock-offs at Dick's.
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    Sugar Stix, senko knock-offs at Dick's.

    So in my search to find a suitable alternative to the senko, I picked up three bags of Sugar Stix at Bee Cave Dick's. Damn close to the senko, and their claim is that the fall rate is identical to the GYCB bait because the density of sugar infusion in the Sugar Stix is identical to the salt infusion of the senko.

    Went out with Lance Burrow for 3 hours on Friday at 10am. Threw that bait in watermelon/red on a dropshot and a weightless T-rig and boated my only 3 LMBs that day, but they were two in the 2lb+ range and one very nice 4.6lb'er. Hey, I was satisfied with that result.

    So, senkos are $7.29 for 10 worms, Sugar Stix are $4.99 for 8 worms. I was an English major, you do the math, but it looks like the Sugar Stik at 62 cents is 11 cents cheaper than the Senko at 73 cents. Assuming (yes, I know...) an average of 1.5 fish per worm, over the course of a year a competent fisherman could save a total of... hmm, let's see here... well fuck, my calculator just died! Well, never mind. I like the bait regardless.

    BTW, the 360 parking lot was totally full, I had to park the trailer on the street. But there were hardly any boats where we were fishing. I guess everyone was uplake.
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    I may have to give these a look/try and see if they are as good as the gary yamamotos! one thing I can tell you to stretch your supply, is to save the ones that get messed up t-rigging and wacky rig em (if they can be salvaged for that purpose)

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    4,5,6 inch YUM Dingers. They work. 4 inch Dingers WACKY rigged on weedless hooks skipped under docks with spinning gear seem to never fail



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