Fishing report from Dominican Reublic
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    Fishing report from Dominican Reublic

    Hey dear friend. Today was not the best weather in the Dominican Republic but still, we had successful fishing in Punta Cana. Waives were bigger then we would like but it was not a big problem for our catch. So let me start from the beginning. Our new friend from US arrived at the marina Punta Cana just on time. Elena gave him a short briefing and they went to the ocean. After the first 30 minutes, it was the first bite and nice Wahoo, actually, it is not a Wahoo season in Sep. but we had a Wahoo and a nice size one!!! 20 minutes after another bite! That time it was our beautiful Mahi-Mahi girl fish. Ian, our client, he was so excited while he was reeling out the fish. I saw that he is getting tired little by little, but it is fishing. I would say even more it is deep sea fishing and it is a fight each time we are having a bite! So 2 fish we have on-board but the fishing is in the process so we saw the hunting birds and turned our boat right toward them, guess what? Yap! 3 bite and Ian did his best, he worked so hard to get that boy on board but that time we had a Marlin, and if you ever reel out a Marlin you know what I am about… it is a hard work to fight with the most strong fish in a planet! So Ian got him so close to the boat and then he just stopped and decided to realize him! Well, the word of our client is a rule for us! So after the Marlin bite, I offer Ian to go to the lagoon to taste Mahi and Wahoo on the grill. He never taste them and just could not deny my offer. To say that we had a good time, it is to say nothing. We had a cool time and cool fishing with Santa Elena Fishing Charters!



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