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Thread: Hydraulic anchor, thoughts?

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    Only time I ever see them used is at the boat ramp. Personally, I'd spend the money on the troll motor with spot lock.

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    The power poles can be lowered halfway to get out of the way. That's the advantage of power poles over talons.
    "Catching'em faster than I can string'em" - DKR

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    My boat came with 2 Power Poles. I use them a lot in 6 ft or less water. You do need two or the boat will swing around in the wind or current. Even though I really like the Power Poles if I had to spend money I'd get a Trolling Motor with spot lock on it. That way you can hold in deeper water.
    Power Poles do not get in the way of me getting under the canal bridges on LA, nor are they in the way of back seater skipping, as long as I have the boat positioned right. They can be lowered a bit if they are in the way

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    A recent drowning in POC seems to have involved a boat that broke loose while anchored on PowerPole only, and a young man attempting to catch it. I've heard about at least one boat in the past being swamped after taking on too much water from the stern while anchored on PowerPole.

    I'd long wanted one, but perhaps I'll keep using my stick anchor tied on a front cleat. I can usually punch that thing 2-3 feet down into the bay bottom, once I punch through the top "crust".

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    Them things ain't worth the price. Only thing I see people use them for is to beach their boats...that's a mighty expensive alternative to just tying up.

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    I have the sportsman model on my Champion. I use it all the time when fishing shallow water. It took me a bit to convince myself to spend the $1200, but I can tell you it doubled the number of fish I catch. Once I catch one fish I'm able to power pole down and pick that spot apart easily. I have 1 pole and honestly it is enough for me. I would never have 2 unless they were giving them away.

    I have recently added an Ultrex. Have not used it enough to tell you if Id do away with the power pole. I wanted the Ultrex for offshore fishing on Fayette.


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