Replace Trolling Motor Batteries With Which Brand ?
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Thread: Replace Trolling Motor Batteries With Which Brand ?

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    Replace Trolling Motor Batteries With Which Brand ?

    I might replace my 2 Trolling motor batteries in my 24 V system. Some people say only Optima, others say Interstate and some say cheap-o Walmart batteries.

    What say you?
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    If you can afford the Blue Tops do it, the return in investment is worth it. If not, Interstate is pretty tough to beat IMO.

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    Academy is having a sale right now that looks hard to beat on Exide batteries. Most brands have the same waranty. I searched the waranty on most places in town Bastrop, and Acadamy has the best prices and good selection.

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    Myself and a fishing buddy both ran several pairs of Interstate batteries for our trolling motors over several years. We began to experience shorter and shorter life from them. We've switched to Delco Voyagers and so far they've been trouble free with good life. YMMV.

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    Interstate batteries have worked well for me. Running the same ones now for 3 years and still work well.

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    For me the no maintenance AGM batteries are worth it not only for longevity but carefree maintenance since my batteries are buried beneath my center console and very difficult to access. My three TM batteries are Optima Blue Tops. They're four years old and going strong. My two cranking/house batteries are two years old. I have one of the Academy Exides mentioned above and I have another Optima Blue Top. I wanted to see how well the Exide will last before buying more. The best price I've found for the Optima Blue Top is Amazon for $175 with free shipping.
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    Just wondering who has jinxed themselves with their remarks of no battery problems

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    Quote Originally Posted by J.R. View Post
    If you can afford the Blue Tops do it, the return in investment is worth it. If not, Interstate is pretty tough to beat IMO.
    I'm not for sure, but I think Blue Tops are in a league of their own and are worth the price for the serious angler.

    Most lead acid wet cell batts are made by Johnson Controls. I think Interstate, Exide, Duralast, Walmart etc are all made by Johnson Controls.

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    I'm happy that I invested in the switch from lead-acid to AGM. Zero maintenance, and no more having to clean acid crap off terminals once a year, makes for one happy boater. I'm using the Cabela's Advanced Angler...priced similar to the Blue Tops.

    I even switched to AGMs for both our vehicles. Happy there too.



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