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Thread: Blue Water LEDs

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    I like to be fair and balanced There was a closeout shop on here Trey mentioned a few months back. They had Bluewater LED for sale. $6 for two strips of 5 lights. Figured they would be fun to put somewhere. So, I attempted to put one in my front storage compartment. Well only 2 lights out of the 5 lit up. I looked over at my SuperNova lights and just smiled with a hint of a laugh I was going to call customer service BUTTTT

    We provide a Limited Lifetime Warranty on our LED's. If an LED fails, simply remove the strip and fill out the warranty request form. Print your warranty request and mail it in with your LED strip and your payment of $10 for processing and shipping.
    Make check or money order payable to:
    Blue Water LED Inc.

    $10 for a $6 light. I might have not done so well in econ 101, but seriously.
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    We have a switch in the back of my tooner so we can charge the main battery and the trolling battery while we are running around. Turn it off when using the TM so we don't drain the main battery. Anyhoos, SBS had left the switch on and accidentally bumped the TM to continuously on while putting on the boat cover. So I take the cover off notice all of this, and was like damn. My battery was completely dead, nothing would turn on. Except my supernova running lights. All they needed was the smallest trickle of juice and they were bright as could be. Which would leave me to believe they draw next to nothing when they are on.
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