What kind of prop is this?
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    What kind of prop is this?

    The prop I have is a three blade Stainless Prop that only says 27-M. Does anyone know what kind this is?

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    According to limited internet research that is a yamaha factory prop 27 pitch series "M" - which seems to be the "Performance" series vs the "Performance XT" series which would be marked 27-T. The main difference being that the XT series has a slightly larger overall diameter and blade thickness for the same given pitch, which reduces hole shot but improves top end and seems to be geared toward larger displacement engines or lighter/lower displacement hulls. A 225 is right on the borderline between the engine sizes recommended for the two series

    *disclaimer - none of this is based on my own first hand knowledge but rather pulled out of my ass (google)

    Propeller By Application | Yamaha Outboards

    Yamaha T and M props? - Texas Fishing Forum



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