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    I've been in NJTexans 10' Bass Raider and it's very stable. No worrying about flipping when setting hooks or anythign like that. We even got rammed by a row boat and the boat barely shook.

    I would go for a Jon Boat if you can afford it though, can take it on the bigger lakes then without worrying
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    I have a Pelican Predator 10.5 foot boat from Academy with a 14 foot trailer from there also. I have use this boat alot to get off the bank. I can get about 5 hours fishing time out of my battery fulled charged. It is great for Decker, Austin (Quinlan ramp), Buchanan (Thunderbird Resort), Stillhouse, Georgetown (my favorite), etc. Caught my personal best LMB out of it 2 years ago of a 8.1 lber. on Georgetown. I have a 36 lb. thrust trolling motor on it and no gas motor.
    Fish 90% of the time in it by myself, but have fished several times with another person and there is plenty of room. I sit in the front with the trolling motor on the front transom. LOVE IT !!!!! Keep it beside my house behind the fence and roll it out to the street with a 2 wheel come along to hook it to the truck. It's very lightweight at 175 lbs without the trolling motor or battery.
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    It really depends on where you want to fish and how you fish. The pelicans are nice. My brother has one and in small lakes or ponds they work very well. For mid size and larger lakes like Lake Austin or Lake Travis I would suggest something a little bigger with a larger motor on it. Like mentioned on the thread go for a smaller jon boat with outboard motor. I have seen some excellent buys on craigslist lately locally. I see quite a few selling for ~$800 with boat, motor, and trailer. Even cheaper near Dallas. If you want the ability to get into larger bass and cover more area having a boat with an outboard is great.

    14' Alumacraft john (jon) boat with trailer and 18HP Evinrude motor
    12ft Jon Boat with Outboard and trolling motor
    4SALE 14FT JON BOAT $500obo


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