Battery Restoration ... has anyone heard about this?
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    Battery Restoration ... has anyone heard about this?

    I know you can’t believe everything you read, but this was interesting. I came across this in forum, thread title = “Free battery restoration for 5 (first come first serve)”. You can google and get straight to it. It is a battery restoration from NewayBattery.

    So … if any of you knows more information about this, please add to this thread because I am interested to hear!

    From how I read this:

    2. Works on regular marine crank, deep cycle, optimax, and auto batteries
    3. The Neway Battery Restoration process has worked at almost 100% on batteries that do not have physical damage; cracks, bulges, leaks, broken plates or shorted cells.
    4. Revives dead batteries, also improve performance on batteries that are not performing like they used to when they were first bought and installed.
    5. It is very safe and environmental friendly, restoring them WITHOUT opening battery covers.
    6. $39.99 per battery

    One person wrote …. I had my trolling motor battery done by John that needed to be replaced soon because it was having trouble lasting thru-out the day even on low. So I gave it over to John to see what he could do with it just out of curiosity as I was already set on buying a new battery and sure enough he was able to bring that battery back up to the factory settings! That sucker lasted ALL DAY LOOONG! I was incredibly surprised and so thankful John did what he did because he saved me over a few hundred $'s . I thank you John for what you did for my battery. I'm a believer man, I'm a believer!! Get your batteries to this guy he will do you right!

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    I bought a Vector "Smart" battery charger ($50.00) I Have a friend that has had one for 6 years for his boat batteries. It has 2 amp to 15 amp settings like other chargers + a setting to "recondition" your battery. This takes about 24 hours and it breaks loose the scaleing on the plates to allow your battery to take a full charge. He convinced me it worked and it does. I saved one of my old troll motor batteries and it has set around for about 2 years - tried to charge it now and then with regular charger but would not take full charge. Put the Vector on it and reconditioned it - now takes full charge. Went ahead and did the 3 on the boat also. Might want to read up on it yourself.




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