Advice on Buying an Outboard Motor
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    Question Advice on Buying an Outboard Motor

    I'm looking for some advice on purchasing an outboard motor for my 15' aluminum flat-bottom boat. I've done a little research and I'm thinking that 15hp would be a good size for 2 fishermen and gear. Now comes the hard part. I'm not really in the position to go drop $2400 on a new outboard, so where should I look for a used motor? I'm hesitant to just go browsing Craigslist and pick something up as I don't really even know what to look for to know if the motor is any good. I though about trying to find some killer deal on Craigslist then taking the motor to a reputable repair shop to be overhauled. I also thought about just skipping Craigslist and going straight to a shop to find an already overhauled motor. This, however, raises another question: Where do I find this reputable shop that's not going to see me as a sucker and sell me junk or do a crappy overhaul?

    Any advice would be much appreciated.



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    I would get a 25 HP and just find a used merc or yamaha. I've personally had good luck buying used boats and equip off of craigslist. I wouldn't cut corners on what you spend on the motor

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    I'd look for the highest HP the boat can legally handle, which would probably be in the 25hp range, as bass-n-bay suggested. With patience or luck you can find a nice used one on CL.

    But a clear title to the motor and a mechanic's inspection (on your dime) is essential.

    That said, there is nothing nicer than a brand new outboard with a warranty, titled, and legal.
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