Lake Austin 11/5.. Beware!!!
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Thread: Lake Austin 11/5.. Beware!!!

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    Lake Austin 11/5.. Beware!!!

    So I couldn't sleep and decided I would go fishing at 4:30 am this morning. *Launched at precisely 5:15 am and headed for some lighted docks. *Started catching some 13 inchers and a nice 2 and half pounder before sunrise. *After it got to where I could see good I headed over to some new spots 'midlake' that I wanted to try out. *Yep, I'm fishing midlake these last few trips out! * *Anyways, nailed a nice 5 pound 10 oz'er and 2 nice 3 and a halfers... *Was just settling in on catching some good fish and I saw this Skeeter coming my way. *Two guys asked me if I had a black truck and I said yes. *They said they had just called the Police because someone had broken into my truck! * *> *So I high tailed it back to the ramp and the cop was still there. *Sure nuff windows busted!!! * > *Luckily I didn't have anything in there but some change. *I cannot believe someone would smash my windows!!! *

    p.s. *If you guys in the Skeeter read the board a big Thank You from me for calling the Police for me!! *Really Appreciate it!

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    Re: Lake Austin 11/5.. Beware!!!

    Was that at city park???
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    Re: Lake Austin 11/5.. Beware!!!

    This happened at the 360 Ramp! Sorry should have mentioned that.

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    Re: Lake Austin 11/5.. Beware!!!

    Looks like a nice morning on the water, with the one exception. I don't get it! Why do people feel the need to steel and vandalize, why can't they earn an honest living like the rest of us. I know I work hard for everything I have, its sickening when someone wants to just take it away. Luckily they didn't get anything though, what did they see that they thought they were after? Did anyone else get broken into?

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    Re: Lake Austin 11/5.. Beware!!!

    That stinks! Did you see anyone loitering when you were launching?

    Nice fish btw!

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    Re: Lake Austin 11/5.. Beware!!!

    I was the only one in the parking lot. When I pulled up there was a brown extended cab truck with a guy and a girl in it. The chick asked me if I had a cigarette and I told her I didn't smoke. I waited until they were fully gone before I launched...... The only thing I can think of is they came back and smashed my window and stole my change out of the center console. I just don't get it. I haven't had much luck with that truck at all. Someone nailed my bumper a couple weeks back in the Cabella's parking lot too! The Police officer told me that they have had several trucks broken into in that parking lot.

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    Re: Lake Austin 11/5.. Beware!!!

    Sorry to hear about this. That's a real shame when these types of things happen.

    It's another reason why I questioned the raising of the launch fees, doubling them, a few years back without at least adding more lights at all the ramps. I guess they don't think people will be at the ramps at night. ???

    Nice fish Ranger188. Any more reports like these, you just might start getting followers when you're on the lake. ;D Of course, not by me, I can't get to that lake any where near as much as you.

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    Re: Lake Austin 11/5.. Beware!!!

    Thank you for letting us all know. I have a tendency to leave my radar detector visable...not any more!

    Nice fish though, it would have really sucked if there was no bite.

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    Re: Lake Austin 11/5.. Beware!!!

    No way to know if it's the same bunch or not, but there's a gang of teenaged minorities that hang around the bridge on weekends. they're led by an older man, and appearantly this is like a hobby or something to them. A few months back, my son left his car on the north end of the bridge while he and some friends went hiking in the rocks. This bunch of a--holes came up with pipes, baseball bats etc, and destroyed his car right in front of him, mocking him all the while. The police told him this ia a common occurance. I'd like to get my hands on some of these yahoos. Nice fish BTW, but as a dimwit reporter once said, "other than that, Mrs Lincoln, how did you enjoy the play"? > > >

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    Re: Lake Austin 11/5.. Beware!!!

    That flat out sucks man. At least they didn't just flat out steal the truck and trailer.

    My bet is on the guy and girl who were at the boat ramp at 4:30AM on a monday morning asking for a smoke.

    Boat ramps are pretty bad for shady dealings....There was a ramp on Ray Roberts I used all the time, well, when the lake levels fell 2 years ago, they found a dude still sitting in his underwater truck that had been there for years....


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