LPf 9/12/19 Dry Run Redemption
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    LPf 9/12/19 Dry Run Redemption

    Yesterday, I got to the lake at 4PM, anxious to get out on the placid lake. I considered looking at the KXAN Fake Radar (Sharpiegate, I called it!), but the weather changes every couple minutes so why bother.

    I dragged the boat over the rocks and waded a couple hundred feet to get to navigable water. I got out on the mainlake and cast towards the outside edge.

    I noticed rain to the east. I glanced over my shoulder and saw rain to the west. I looked south and saw a wall of rain advancing towards me. I looked at the Fake Radar and it was all red.

    I quickly reeled in and the trick worm was struck on the way up. The fishing was probably really good, but self-preservation instincts took over. I thought, "Walmart battery don't fail me now!"

    I turned the troller to max and made turns for the ramp. I started paddling furiously to supplement the battery. The wind gusted up and whitecapped the lake. I chopped grass and pole pushed until I made the ramp. The pavilion Porta-Potties blew over as I loaded out.

    I went home disappointed. To make it worse, it never even rained a drop in Pflugerville. No lightning either. A very dry Dry Run.

    Today, I put in at 4PM. I had the lake to myself. The bass were striking. I caught many bass and even had a big'un break off. Off at 7PM.



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