Comal River Slam! 7/29/19
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Thread: Comal River Slam! 7/29/19

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    Comal River Slam! 7/29/19

    I lashed the yak to the minivan's roof rack and lit out for New Braunfels. I had to make room for the family and their gear, so I limited the tackle I brought along. In fact, I left the casting gear behind and brought three jabroni rigs, in case the boys wanted to do some fishing.

    On arrival, my son snorkeled and reported seeing bass, some as big as three pounds. He doesn't fish a lot, but he knows what a bass looks like, so I was encouraged by his sightings.

    After the second day, everyone was sleeping off Schlitterbahn, so I woke at 5:00 am, silently slipped out and carried the yak down the lawn to the Comal. I checked my tackle, a few roadrunners, some 3/0 worm hooks and a bag of used green pumpkin finesse worms. I set my styrofoam cup of coffee in the cupholder and shoved off into the current.

    Morning on the Comal is stark contrast to the supremely chaotic afternoon tube float. There is a morning swimmer or two and a few salvage snorkelers. The water is cool clear calm and quiet. Sublime.

    I let the current drift me across into the first eddy and I cast the worm along the bulkhead. I lifted the rod tip and bemoaned the first snag of the morning. Then the snag had headshake and the fight was on. The fish jumped and I knew my son had misjudged the quality of the bass. This one was at least four pounds! I boated a very nice largemouth. I was stoked but cheered quietly so as not to break the pre-dawn spell.

    I broke loose from the eddy and drifted and cast at cypress trunks and grass patches. I caught some more largemouth and got bream tugs. I found another eddy and posted up across from the "Last Toober Exit". I let the worm settle next to some concrete and then my line was swimming. I set the hook and brought the spirited fish to hand. Lo and behold, I caught my first smallmouth bass! Sweet!

    I left the Toober Exit and paddled to the confluence with the Guadalupe. This is an incredibly beautiful stretch of river. I caught a few more largemouth in the Guadalupe and then drifted back to the Comal.

    I paddled upstream, throwing the worm. I tossed into a grass patch in some fast moving deep water and got a strike. I played the fish to hand. Cowabunga! I'd caught a Guadalupe Bass. I'm going to call it a "Comal Slam", all three black bass species, not to mention my first ever smallmouth.

    We spent the rest of the weekend snorkeling and floating. We went to Prince Solms and tubed the chutes twice. Later, I let everyone in the family paddle around in the yak.

    Monday we went to Landa Park Pool. Its kind of like the spring that is the headwater of the Comal. We all went off the rope swing a dozen times. My son and I donned masks and snorkels. We chased a huge longear from her bed but she stubbornly came back time and again. We moved to a shallower part of the pool and I was stunned to be swimming among a school of five pounders! My son and I swam behind them. I counted at least four five-pounders and six three-plus-pounders swimming as a "wolfpack" It was better than Cabela's aquarium!

    I can't believe vacation is over and I'm back home in Pflugerville. I'm ready to do some more river yakking. Brushy Creek or San Gabriel, maybe...

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    Very nice, J-man! I play the rock n roll clubs in New Braunfels regularly.
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    That is living proof that you can catch fish anywhere you go...Jeremy is the fish whisperer. That section is really cool to fish...usually really clear and you can see several different species. Good job man...we should hit the San Gabriel next time you have a free weekend
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    congrats sounds like fun. Do be careful with Brushy creek and the south San Gabriel. Liberty Hill has been kinda sloppy with sewage treatment and the effluent goes into both of those streams. with the high temps its not healthy. I don't mean to be a wet blanket just be careful. That's is much nicer water over in New Braunfels.
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