Ladybird 7/23/19
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Thread: Ladybird 7/23/19

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    Ladybird 7/23/19

    My first go at "town lake." Got on the water before sunup at the Holiday Inn launch. Managed a decent LMB on the chatter underneath the 35 bridge. (apologies on not taking pics) Continued working my way toward Mopac and had a gutsy bluegill hit my whopper plopper. Soldiering on, I explored different offerings along the bank, the best of which produced a few more dinks. (ned rig and shakeyhead) Not having much success, I tossed a square bill off the large rocks near the powerplant. Really surprised this didnt result in any bites, although this was later in the day. All in all relatively uneventful. 4 LMB and the bluegill.

    Talked to a few other anglers. 1 was having success tossing a frog along the bank. Another, who happens to be a guide in the area, said he managed to catch a few on the drop shot underneath bridges. The rest all had managed about on par with me.

    I really enjoyed the day despite the limited success. I shall return.
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    Sounds like similar experiences to what my son and I have had kayak fishing Ladybird lake the past few weeks. Most productive for us has been deeper water along the cliffs in the western part of the lake. Shallow water near shore has not turned up any bass for us.

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