Travis May 2019
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Thread: Travis May 2019

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    Travis May 2019

    May was a difficult month to fish with all of the weekends either raining or wind. Like all of you die hard bass fisherman, I could not help myself and endured the weather. Travis is fishing strange this year. El-nino and all. Regardless, I was able to catch a couple larger fish this year. The fish during may were either close to the surface or in 20 plus foot of water. And since this is a delayed report, things have change considerably. You can go for little ones and catch 20-50 little ones a day, (Depending on the weather conditions) I used larger baits like a the large Whopper Plopper when they are shallow and 15- 20 foot deep with a KVD 6xd or a C-rig. Bait on the c-rig was a larger power worm.

    In addition, today one guy pulling out his boat had a live well full of large perch on Travis. He flat slayed them. Seriously considering dusting off my ultra light rods and have a go with them with the kids. Just sayin....


    Hope this info helps other anglers

    Michael Heiman
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    Thanks for the update, nice fish there. Been thinking about hitting Travis soon.

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    I agree with you such a weird weather cycle has LT fishing different this year. Looks like you nabbed some nice ones still!

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    Hey fellas, wondering if someone could help me, struggling with catching bass on Travis. I have a old vhull john boat, so i keep to the small coves and try to stay out of the main traffic areas. i launch at Sandy Creek Park boat launch, there are a couple of coves to the right that i like to get back in out of the wind. Everytime i'm in these coves from 6pm to dark, bass are hoping all around me and i can't catch hardly any. i've tried the docks, the shoreline, etc... i've used crank baits, speed worms, spinner, etc. Then i moved to drop shot with senko type or just free lining a senko. i did catch them one time on drop shot right out in the middle of the cove where the depth is about 15 feet to 20 feet, caught about 10 in an hour one time. outside of that i get skunked. Very frustrating when i see them splashing all around me , feeding on bait fish i assume. the cove does have grass and some structure at the bottom according to my fish finder.



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