LPf 4/11/19 Beauty
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Thread: LPf 4/11/19 Beauty

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    LPf 4/11/19 Beauty

    I decided to take advantage of the nice weather. Its been awhile since a weekday afternoon jaunt at Pfork. I launched at 5PM. I cranked around the dam for a quarter hour and then trolled across to the main lake point.

    The wind died completely, so I tossed out a wacky senko. I was deadstick and then my line started swimming. I r'ared back and felt good weight. The fish jumped and I started shouting and carryin' on. I led the fish around the boat ten or twelve times. I wrestled ol' bucketmouth into the boat and whooped.

    A yakker was drifting and asked, "Is that an eight?"

    I said, "We're fixin' to find out" as I fitted her on the scale. "Six fourteen!" I hollered.

    He congratulated me and we fished that spot for the next couple hours, occasionally doubling up on some good'uns and fun-fish. I mostly fished semi-shallow with a Bandit 100 and TR ribbontail. Off at 7:30PM.

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    Going either Sunday or Monday morning ... taking the new Old Town Topwater out for her maiden voyage
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    Nice, but for some reason the image isn't resolving for me. I've been on business travel in India and now I'm recovering from travel crud. Maybe I'll get my yellow Hobie PA 14 out there this weekend.




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