Aquilla 1-23-16
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Thread: Aquilla 1-23-16

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    Aquilla 1-23-16

    in a word COLD! 6:30am launch temp 30* water temp 47* calm winds water very muddy

    first trip to this lake. first impression is that it would be a decent lake later in the year, but there doesn't look to be any live vegetation like duckweed, eelgrass, hydrilla, lillypads etc even when warmer although I could be wrong. lots of stumps and several humps and other places for fish to hold. One really odd thing...the dam is dirt. no rip rap. anyway on to the report - there is nothing to report. I got two bumps and one I'm not even sure was a bump. I tossed jigs in mardi gras, motor oil, watermelon/red, black/blue. i fished them slow crawl, jigged, dead stick without luck. i tossed a chatter bait with a brass plate in those same colors in the same areas in the same manner with the same results.
    my fishing partners fished from another boat and tossed white, red, watermelon, chartreuse, and didn't fare any better.

    all in all, i'd like to visit this lake again mid march, but its definitely not a winter time lake! also it's a pretty shallow lake.
    i wonder if the fish dream about me as often as i dream about them?

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    TFTR! Those kind are hard to write.
    A hot bite=> and a cold Lone Star......Nothing better!

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    Not sure how things are on Aquilla these days I haven't fished it in a few years BUT it use to be a Big Fish lake. Ive caught several over 6-7 lbs and know of others in the 8-9 lb range. Spring and fall are definitely the time to fish it as it is a fairly shallow lake and the water stays really cold
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