'Strop 7-23-15
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Thread: 'Strop 7-23-15

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    'Strop 7-23-15

    Well, after my wife woke me up at 5am...a full hour AFTER i was suppose to be up i rushed out and got on the water about 640. lesson learned - double check your alarm clock before you go to sleep. my buddies were already on the water AND two of them already had beer fish by the time i arrived to get my partner off the back of the other boat! Apparently the frog bite was good this morning. anyway, by the time i got out the surface temp was already 88. even sight fishing was tough. the fish would look, but wasn't much interested in anything. everything i caught was off the deep water side of the eel grass on a white skinny dipper (swim bait, some call it a fluke with a paddle tail) and as long as you worked slow you could get bit. on the plus side all fish were very healthy and not as skinny as last week. there were plenty of bait fish balled up, but the only schooling i saw lasted only 10-15 seconds. not enough time to get to the spot to cast into it. left the water once the surface temp hit 91.
    i wonder if the fish dream about me as often as i dream about them?

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    Good report. Top water around the grass in 4 to 6 feet equals quality fish. I prefer something I can pop to get their attention. One or two good pops to grab their attention, then real small walk the dog action to represent an injured pray they pounce on. Here lately they haven't been blowing up on it, just sucking it down. But they're hitting it.
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