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Thread: georgetown all week!

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    Made it out Saturday morning. As I was idling across the lake in the pitch black I hit something. I took out my spot light to make sure it wasn't anything that I should worry about. It was a log 10ft long and over 100lbs due to water weight. I tied it off thinking it was the only one in the lake and took it to shore. Little did I know when the sun came up it was alot worse than that one log. I was able to boat a few more fish than I normally do. I had more fish following the lure all the way to the boat and missed a couple right at the boat. That Barry White really was working. I should have known my co-workers were going to bail on me and should have just gone out with Bill. He is fun to fish with.

    The fish were all caught in less than 8fow on blue spinner, green and white squarebill, and that weightless wackyrig. I thought that wackyrig was a joke. Good times.IMG_6351.jpgIMG_2138.jpg

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    yeah, that barry white really turns 'em on! that cove we scouted was completely inundated with debris. what a mess. water still dingy, but 70% of the debris was on shore.

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    Caught 1 white bass(13-14") on a 5" chartreuse senko last Friday morning in Gtown. Hiked all the way to the mouth of the lake from Tejas and made my own trail out to a big rock next to the water. Gonna try that area in the yak this week in the evening.


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