LA head-banging
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Thread: LA head-banging

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    LA head-banging

    Greetings all,

    I've recently returned to fishing for the first time in 30 years 'cause I need a new reason to get up in the morning. Fishing seems to hold all the answers, or at least that's my recollection from childhood.

    I'm running two boats on LA (a fishing pontoon and a 17' G3) and I'm out there every day that I'm not otherwise occupied making a living, which tends to be several days off and several days on. . . .

    Anyway, I've been throwing everything I've got everywhere I know to throw on LA and coming up 5 under limit most everytime. I've gone to shallows. I've gone to flats. I've gone off ledges. I've thrown deep. I've played tight cover to the point that I have more lures hanging from twigs than I have in my tackle box.

    I've dropped worms (every rig from Carolina to Texas to Japan).

    I've run spinners. I've bounced spinners. I've even *spun* spinners. I've crancked from the surface to 11 or more feet.

    I've begged. I've prayed. I've cursed.

    I've watched Woo Daves DVD's to the point that my wife says I'm starting to talk like him. . . .

    I even have one particular spot (very shallow, very tight gnarly cover) where I've seen a 7+ bass breaking (busting!) the water three days in a row. . . . And nothing I send his way works.

    I dunno. Maybe I should just tie up some dough around a hook in a bag and throw it down and wait for a carp while I take a nap.


    Anyway, I'll do what I have to do. I'm gonna learn how to bust these hogs. I'll hire a guide. I'll ask a lot of questions. I'll take up scuba diving so I can go see for myself. I'll even bribe a public official, so long as they know about fishing. But I absolutely *will not* buy any more boats. I have too many of those already.

    So, if you're fishing LA and you see a 20' PartyKraft pontoon or a dirty-blonde G3 with some guy who's lure is up in a tree, give me a wave!

    I'll stay at it until the bass are hanging from the branches.

    Best of luck!

    John Campbell
    PhotoGecko Studios, Austin

    oh, and you might enjoy my website:

    imbido ergo inebrio

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    Re: LA head-banging

    Man, lake austin is tought, no doubt about it. Most of the guys that are catching fish out there are staying around the grass and sticking with it.
    Also, it's getting about that time of year when the crowds are so bad that night time fishing becomes more productive....
    Meet us out at this on the water gathering Eric_Austin is talking about, we are all more than happy to share spots...just not the really good ones over the internet...haha

    And by the way..nice work with the website.... 8)

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    Re: LA head-banging

    That has got to be one of the funniest post I have ever read. I think at some point I have done everything you mentioned. I downsized in order to get lots of bites and bring my confidence up. It helped for a while. Will give a wave if I see you out there.

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    Re: LA head-banging

    Fished from 8 til noon, was tough for me stayed above the park 4 bites a 6.3 a 3lber and two that pulled off :-[
    Your character and integrity is tested the most when you think no one is watching

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    Re: LA head-banging

    get some watermelon red zoom trick worms, texas rig them with a 1/16 or 1/8 bullet weight, fish in water 8' or deeper and fish slowly. count to 10 before you move your worm. fish up close to the bank and by boat docks that are in water deeper than 8'. you will catch fish.

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    Re: LA head-banging

    I remember my first days on Lake Austin. It was demoralizing at first but got better as I learned the lake and got some great tips from the other anglers out there. That being said, I still get skunked from time to time. Here's another recommendation on baits that I've gotten from others in this forum. Keep at it and tight lines -TDV-



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