Fishing report from Dominican Reublic Punta Cana
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    Fishing report from Dominican Reublic Punta Cana

    It was another perfect September fishing day. According to that only yesterday on of the medium-strength storm passed Dominican Republic today the ocean looked quite calm and we decided why should not we try))) Well tell you honestly I love to do trolling after a storm period because usually lots of hungry fish just after the reel zone waiting for you. Usually as I notice it is like that, good biting time, for about two days after the cyclone. So back to my fishing report. Today we had our clients from Puerto Rico and US so that guys they know the taste of good trolling. We went to the ocean around 7:40 am in 20 minutes we already pull our fishing rods out and baits in the water. We decided to make several experiments since it was very little seaweed in the ocean and we could try our new lures. I think I was excited more anybody about that, and it was a point to be excited about. So we put in the water our new lures and guess what? Nothing!!! I just could not believe I was expecting another result! So we were keep fishing and I kept trying and after about 30 minutes first bite on my lure!!! Nice, it was Wahoo!!! Our client was already in a fighting chair he was all prepared to reel it out of the water. 20 minutes of fighting and Wahoo onboard.
    And I was keeping testing my new lures 🙂 So the lures and bates back in the water and we are targeting the new catch. Another 30 minutes and the sound of the reel! If you would imagine how I love this sound! So yes we’ve got a Mahi on the hook! Our fisherman is usually ready. He was doing his bear reeling that fish from the water and it was a good size one! And suddenly another crack of the reel! One more fish on the hook! Cool! so by the and on that spot, we got 4 nice Mahi, 3 girl fish, and one bull Mahi. After that, I offer my clients to go to the lagoon to try their catch on taste. They took my offer and we went to the relaxing part of our fishing trip with Santa Elena Fishing Charters

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    Your new lure and charter sounds like Money in the Bank. I guess that's why you posted this in the Bank Fishing Reports. Not many folks around here troll for Dorado from the bank.

    I have to give you props for your writing. You convey the drudgery/excitement/chaos/scrumptiousness of offshore fishing quite well.



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