Red Bud Isle - 7/1 morning
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    Red Bud Isle - 7/1 morning

    Got on the water about 7am. Very calm, partly cloudy, water extremely clear. I could see my jerk bait 1-2' feet under water about 50-60 feet away. Saw a lot of 1-3lb bass cruising 5-10 feet off the bank in 2-3 feet of water. Very little action until I threw a drop shot robo worm and caught a one pounder. Got to fish with another angler, Alex. Good to meet you, if you are on the forum. Done right before 10am

    Also was out on LBL Friday morning near Lamar bridge and saw 2-3 schools of 5-7 fish each again cruising the banks. No luck. I think I saw some bluegills spawning on beds. Anyone else notice this? Is this why Jeremy had luck with worms close to the bank? Do I need to go back to weightless wacky rig with bluegill colors?




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