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Thread: Lake Travis

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    Lake Travis

    Any good places on Lake Travis to bank fish?
    I have tried Jones Brothers Park and Cypress Park off Bullock Hollow but, not much luck.

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    I know this is late but I fished at pace bend park before. I didn't catch any fish but there are a few nice coves with tons of brush that might hold a fish or two. Be careful walking around in that area though, it can get steep.

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    I always have good luck at Muleshoe Bend.

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    Back years ago my favorite spot on Lake Travis was Arkansas Bend. They just totally renovated the park and I haven't been back but it would be worth a shot. Two nice big coves, not a whole lot of cover but a lot of ledges for fish to stage themselves for ambushes.

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    I went to Arkansas Bend yesterday and fished the cove by the day area and had no luck. Fished top water, flukes and cranks. Had a couple swat at the top baits but that's it. I'm not sure what the issue is but I have caught zero fish lately.



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