Skunked on LBL South Shore 4/16
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Thread: Skunked on LBL South Shore 4/16

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    Skunked on LBL South Shore 4/16

    Had an hour around lunch yesterday and worked the South Bank from 1st St Bridge to just past the Stevie Ray Vaughn statue. Used a wacky rigged senko and a crawfish colored lipless crank. Switched to a silver crank and a TX rigged creature and still no luck. It was windy and cloudy, but not sure if that played a role. I'll get them next time.


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    I think you might have been in the right spot for bank fishing with the time you had available. If you check out the Navionics ChartViewer for that area you can see that it is a bluff/ledge/drop-off section from shallow at the bank to ~20ft of water with a strong cast from the shore. That area is close to shallower water to the west where the spawn was occurring recently. The bass are transitioning to post spawn now so they will relate to structure on deep water not far from their spawning grounds to recuperate.

    If you try that spot again soon you might try some different presentations. A couple to consider might be:
    • A texas rigged Zoom Ultravibe Speed Worm in Water Candy Red w/either a 1/8 or possibly a 1/4ounce bullet weight to get good distance and get to the bottom before being blown away by wind and current. Creep it up the side of the ledge normal slow worm fishing style. If that doesn't produce drag-hop-swim to get it off the bottom to those that are suspended. It'll work somewhat like a swim bait with that Ultravibe tail.
    • A shad colored soft plastic swim bait with a heavier jig head. Firm cast to get it in the deep water and let it settle to the bottom. Swim it slowly up the ledge so that you're still bumping bottom occasionally. Of course fan cast the areas you try so you have some presentations where you're following a consistent contour line and may find what depth they're in.
    • Drop-shot finesse bait with something different than the green-based color you tried with the worm. Maybe a white grub, or a smoke or darker colored soft plastic in a color bold enough to be just a little different than what they see every day. A couple ways to use this rig is the traditional cast and drag that we are familiar with, but also cast and count down to different depths and slow roll it back in. Maybe a first cast drag it on the bottom, second wait to 10 sec then slow roll, third cast wait to 5 sec then slow roll. This can be an overlooked way to fish a drop-shot, to cover many sections of the water column that are frequently overlooked.

    I think if you try that same area with those methods you'll have given the area efficient and reasonable coverage of several target depths in a short amount of time. This should give you feedback enough to make decisions and adjustments going forward.

    Those baits you were using before are classic trusted favorites. However I like weightless softplastics for working specific targets and am becoming of the opinion they aren't the best for covering deep structure which post-spawn bass start to relate too. Also I like crankbaits, lipless or otherwise, when targeting a specific depth when I'm offshore and can get the angle to fish a particular contour line at a particular depth whether it be cranking a lipless over the top of a weed bed, or a deep diver along the 15ft contour line of an underwater ridge. I haven't been able to use them well from the bank with the exception being in the pre-spawn over a flat when they are feeding actively before hunkering down on their nests.
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    Thanks for the great suggestions and contour map. I really like your suggestions. In particular the white grub on a drop shot. I will also try a robo worm in morning dawn, that's a bit unusual. I have fished a keitech 3.5 gold flash minnow on a 1/16oz swim hook. At the time it seemed a bit light, I will try again with a heavier jig head. I am going to try to get out on Friday morning. So I will have to switch up my setups.




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