Soon to retire old guy needs bank fishing suggestions. June 2018
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    Soon to retire old guy needs bank fishing suggestions. June 2018

    Sooo... Iím retiring soon and would like to resume fishing. Work and family have prevented me from pursuing my old hobby for a long time. Iíve fished the coast and up in Tyler and Palestine, but not that much in this area. To make things worse, I donít have a boat so Iím limited to bank fishing. Many of the posts ive seen on this topic date back a few years. Just wondering if there are suggestions for an old guy in the Cedar Park/Round Rock area. I donít mind ranging to Buchanan or east to Somerville. Just need suggestions on locations. Any help?

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    A lot of the Soil Conservation Reservoirs are actually pretty good. I've hit up the McCann Park and Trail to some success in the past. Brushy Creek is also a popular place up there. People also hit up the "Costco pond", but I've personally not been there. Supposedly it suffered a fish kill recently though. I'm in central Austin, so I don't know too much of what's up there but hope that helps. I'd also suggest looking at a cheap kayak. I bought a $200 Pelican and it really opened up a lot more options. If you don't feel like dealing with a traditional one, the inflatable ones have come really far along.

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