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  Lake Austin

Lake Austin is best known for quality bass. Over the past few years there have been several bass caught out of Lake Austin entered into the 'Share Lunker' program. The statement 'Big Bass in Grass' is well known by local fisherman as a description of the lake. There is a large amount of submerged vegetation in Lake Austin, most of which is Hydrilla. Over the past few years Hydrilla has become more abundant, resulting in local controversy of how to rid the lake of it. Most of the shore is covered by either reeds or boat docks, both of which can be prime hiding spots for bass.

Fishing is good at Lake Austin all year long with Fall and Spring months being the best seasons to fish. This is mostly because high boat traffic in summer can make fishing not only difficult, but at times dangerous. Once the weather warms up and the days become longer leisure boat traffic outweighs fishing traffic. The hot weather also forces bass deep, which can make them difficult to catch. If you are set on fishing the lake in the summer months, go early on weekdays for the best opportunity to add your name to the 'Share Lunker' list.