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Thread: Twin Troller x10 Boat

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    This WS Ride in the ABF classifieds would be a good platform for an EK (electric kayak). Lots of capacity with high seat, stand-able if you're into that sort of thing
    Wilderness System Ride 135 kayak

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    I saw that Kayak. Someone is getting a great deal. You can stand on the side of that thing and it wont tip.
    LTE for the win

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    Spicewood Travis get very rough, most from boat traffic ,but the wind to, that boat would work fine on smaller lakes, even LBJ were you have a lot of coves to run into. IMO it is not big enough for Travis. Good luck Mike

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    My opinion for anyone that wants it...

    Yes, my company markets the Twin Troller.
    Yes, I know a lot about the Twin Troller.
    Yes, I'm the guy in most of the videos talking about the TT and interviewing the TT owners.
    Yes, it is more money than most small 2 man boats.
    Yes, you're not going to get anywhere fast in it.
    Yes, you are not going to take 10 rods and lunch for five in it.
    Yes, you're not likely to put it on the roof of your car and carry it down to the water.
    Yes, you can fish in 20+ mph winds and it will be a non-issue.
    Yes, you can fish a dock with said 20+ mph winds blowing into the dock and it will be a non-issue
    Yes, you are not going to tip it over.
    Yes, you are going to fish completely hands free.
    Yes, you are going to be able to turn in a complete circle, zero turn radius.
    Yes, you can hit it with a hammer.
    Yes, wake boarder wakes are not a problem
    Yes, you can stand up, sit down, cast a 7 foot rod with all you got, or dance in a Twin Troller.
    Yes, the maintenance and operating cost is almost non-existent.

    Yes, it's not a kayak.
    Yes, it's not a Big Fast Bass Boat (aka Nascar Fishing Boats.)
    Yes, it's not a B.A.S.S. tournament boat.
    Yes, it's not cheap.

    It's not for everyone in every stage in life but it will likely be the boat you're fishing in when you're 80. If your ego is small enough, you'll love it in your 20's.

    Pole in hand, fishing, there is no boat like it, nor any boat that can do what it does, at any price.

    Unless you need to go fast on the water, put it on the roof of your car, or paddle for exercise, buy a Twin Troller.

    That about covers it. Sorry, SpicewoodGuy. FEM cannot give out names because their attorney says, no go. Too many legal problems if someone is injured. There are many, many, ,many owners more than willing to show off their TT. Hopefully one will present themselves to you soon. The interviews you see online are not paid interviews. They are TT owners who love their boat and many wish they had bought it sooner.

    The rest of the story you don't see on camera is the Rangers, Kayaks, Nitros, etc. that are catching dust in these owner's garages because after buying their Twin Troller, finding small waters loaded with fish, they don't use the bigger boats anymore. They've said goodbye to the large lakes, cramped ramps, and gas bills.

    It's not for everyone but it's the World's Best Fishing Boat.
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    Well guys, I pulled the trigger and placed the order for the Twin Troller. My kids and their friends pushed me into having a two person fishing machine (so much for my relaxation fishing alone). The new boat should be delivered in a couple of weeks and I will give you some feedback soonest. My Hobie Pro Angler 14 is now listed for sale on this website before I place an ad on Craigslist. It is essentially brand new with a very nice discount. Will let you know. Thanks again.
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    You are Cadillacin' now buddy! That TT is sweet!

    I wish I had funds because I need a PA14! For now I'll be happy with the Pond Prowler. I took the Pond Prowler out on the heels of last weekend's cold front. I made my away around the lake for a couple hours before I anchored up.

    The wind was ~12 from the north and waves were breaking into the boat. I saw water in the bottom of the boat and I thought that I should pull the plug and let it drain out. Then I saw the drain plug was already out and the water was draining! Ooops!

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    Thanks Jeremy. I can't wait for the delivery and getting to put it through its paces. I know what you mean about the North winds and waves lately. Hopefully my new TT machine will add to the pleasure factor when fighting those conditions. Will keep yall posted.


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