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    Fishing Boats for under $6000-UPDATED!

    Seems like several liked when I posted some used boats I found on the internet. So here are some more. Remember that I do NOT know these people and cannot say that the boat is in good running condition. But trying to help those get a fishing boat.....


    LOWE 170 17 ft bass boat $4800.00

    [s]2000 21ft Basstream bass boat w/175HP- $5000

    18"9 foot 1997 Challanger Bass Boat. 150 Merc. $5500

    16 foot Charger Bass Boat - $3150 (Leander)

    1985 Bass Tracker "Tournament 17" 17 foot V-hull aluminum boat $4300

    12' aluminum boat and trailer - $700 (lampasas)

    [s]1977 RANGER FISHING BOAT w/1984 Johnson engine 140hp - $2500 (COVE)

    1993 Sea Ark Aluminum Jon Boat, Motor & Trailer - $1000 (Hutto)

    Bass Boat 1989 Lowe Hulk 19ft Aluminum Center Console Boat - $3000 (Luling Texas)

    ***1991 ProCraft Bass Boat*** - $2500 (South Austin)

    91' Tidecraft with 150 Evinrude Motor - $3900

    1976 15' Terry Bass Boat (Excellent Condition) - $2200

    1982 Mon-Ark 15' Aluminum Flat-Bottom Boat *- $2400

    Alumacraft 1470 wide series, motor and trailer ($4000 OBO)

    1995 Blazer Bass Boat w/150HP - $5900

    1978 Ranger Fish & Ski Boat 18ft long with Boat Trailer

    15 1/2 ft Raycraft with Johnson 88 spl 88hp Motor - $3000

    1994 Astro Fish & Ski 1994 Astro Fish & Ski with 150 Black Max Motor

    '77 Ranger 115 Mercury for sale - $2500 (Bastrop, Tx)

    17ft 88' model Cajun Bass boat w/85HP $1900

    91 Sprint Fish & Ski / $1250.00 OBO - $1250


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    Re: Fishing Boats for under $6000

    San Antonio Area:

    1978 skeeter wrangler 150 with 1985 johnson 150hp. $2100

    80's model Phantom Bass boat w/ 70 hp Evinrude motor. $2500

    1988 Bass Tracker-17 ft w/60HP Mercury Motor - $3000

    1996 17ft. Fisher Spectrum Dominator Bass boat - $5800

    nitro fish & ski with 150HP $3000

    86 CHAMPION BASS BOAT 20FT W/225 MERCURY - $4500

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    Re: Fishing Boats for under $6000

    You sure do some great research! Sell my 19' center console
    omc Quest 130 HP in Copperas Cove.$6500.00 or best offer! Maybe we could work out some commission or "Finders Fee".
    Best Regards.
    Thanks, George Bull 254-681-3742

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    Re: Fishing Boats for under $6000

    '77 Ranger is sold...

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    Re: Fishing Boats for under $6000

    I am one of those people searching for another boat... I love Craigslist but man I have seen some real turds.

    For anyone looking, bring a compression tester and something hard to knock the transom, or better take a buddy that knows about the boat/motor you're looking at. If it's priced too good to be true, it is.

    I just off the phone today with a person who happens to be a outboard tech (selling his own boat from his shop) and we talked awhile... nice guy... said we would not be able to come together on the price of his ride, but knew of others in the area (oklahoma) and even knew another boat I was going to call on... said he had it in his shop and the motor was crap... throws rods... I wondered... it was a 1994 Javelin 19'9" with 175 E-rude Faststrike for only $5000 and looked CLEAN in the pics... thought it was a bit cheap.

    I had not seen some of the postings from above and think I need to call on a few. Cosmetic stuff/electronics are easy fixes... so long as the motor & hull are good.

    ABF Rocks!!

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    Re: Fishing Boats for under $6000

    The 2000 BasStream is sold now too...


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    Re: Fishing Boats for under $6000

    I have bought 2 boats under $5k in 05 and in 06.

    Pretty much you should consider adding $1000.00 to any boat in this class you buy.

    No matter what the seller says, you really need to have confidence that you will not be left drifting in the middle of the lake looking for a tow to the ramp.

    Getting a lake demo is nice, but sometimes it is really tough on a lower priced boat. The seller is selling it " As is " and may not want to mess around with the time involved.

    The $1k should be considered to take the boat to a Great mechanic like Trey in G-town. He will go trough every inch of the boat, and fix or let you know if she is good to go.

    New batteries, tires, ect.. will add up fast even if nothing is major is wrong.

    If you are thinking of getting into your first boat, paying cash is always best.

    That way you can see all the costs ect.. that come with owning a boat. Consider where you live. Will they let you keep a boat there? Will your wife complain about the new " eye sore " in the driveway?

    Storage of a boat can be a pain, and costly. Be sure to consider it.

    Also, sometimes boats in this class can become More expensive. Everything may check out really well, but in a month the lower unit goes out. Big $$

    Or compression is good, but a rod lets go. Big $$

    Typically, if you double the $6k to $12k ( or a little higher to $14k ) The newer and more reliable the boat will be.


    I bought a 1989 Astro Glass bass boat 19'5'' with Johnson GT 200 Hp. $4350.00

    Lower unit rebuild $1700.00
    New batts $300.00

    Lower gears sheered $ 1500.00

    Broke main Crankshaft $ 1000.00

    Needed new power packs $500.00

    on and on and on. Ended up spending over +$5k getting the motor and everything solid.

    Quickly realized that at Full Throttle I would get 1 mile per gallon at 60 mph.

    That would have been like $3.20 a min to run to a spot, However the engine only ran good on SUPER!!

    Long story short, I learned a lesson. If you KNOW you love boats and fishing, then spending extra dough will pay off in the end.

    Ending up selling the boat for like $3300.00 ( ouch... lost my arse on that one )

    The worst thing you can do is go finance a boat for 10 years, you will be upside down on day 1 and prob never recover. A loss of job or emergency, and the bank comes and picks up your boat.

    I see it all the time, people trying to dump a new boat for what they owe.

    Bottom Line For your first boat :

    If ya cannot pay cash, you probably cannot afford it.

    Be sure to remember that a couple G's in repair can come at you real quick.

    Consider your storage options.

    Do not let excitement get the best of you. Be calm, look a lot. The right deal will come along.

    Ask a lot of questions here. That is what ABF is For !!!!!


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    Re: Fishing Boats for under $6000

    Another thing to add to EA's post. *While sometimes paying cash is best, financing may be an attractive option if you are looking for a real tournament bassboat. (NOT the 10 year nothing down stuff on a 50K rig)

    With good credit, you can still get loans in the 5-6% range/4-5 years on 15-20K used boats. *

    So, figure ~250 a month with little out of pocket upfront. *In three years I have spent 9K and fished out of a late model, reliable, safe, performance bass boat. *Since it was used I can sell it for close to what I owe at anytime (60% of depreciation of a boat happens in the first 4 years)

    Wash, rinse and repeat, your mileage may vary.

    You will never come out ahead (cash or financing) with a b.o.a.t. (break out another thousand) - but this angle helps to give you another option.

    I would rather watch my cash grow at 8%-12% in investments then throw it out the window on a junker boat.

    Nothing against Robert's research, but 90% of those boats listed are turds for anybody looking to step up to the tournament rig class.

    Just my .02

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    Re: Fishing Boats for under $6000

    Nothing against Robert's research, but 90% of those boats listed are turds for anybody looking to step up to the tournament rig class.
    Stepping up to Tournament rigged bass boats, should NOT concider any of the above!!! IMO....I would get a late model boat/motor. Stay with a major brand name.......

    I just thought about those that have limited funds and wanting to get a boat....I purchased *all three of my boats, off Boattradersonline or CraigsListing...

    TRUE...Either spend money fixing up or spend money on a new boat, that you do not have to WORRY about! However, my next boat will be used, NEW-TO-ME, within a couple years old...But with that said, I still believe in all that TDUB and EA offer...Spending a little more $$$$ on a late-model boat is better in the long run..IMO.

    Example: I purchased my 1995 Ranger R77 off Boattraderonline, from a private individual. Purchased it in 1997. The seller also used it in Saltwater, so the trailer was rusting. *The boat ran fine, I thought. I purchased it for $4000. However, I had to replace the lower unit out in a couple months, because he had hit something, and it took a couple months of use to find out. *

    I too am looking for a new fish and ski boat that I can take to both fresh and Saltwater...for under $20K. Want it to seat 5 adults comfortably, front and back fishing platforms, draft 10inches of water in Saltwater, Full cabin bimini top to ride in bad weather, two full rod/reel holders. The only ones I found, have to be customized. The BlueWave 22DC with custom front and rear extending fishing platforms and a Ranger Z21-Intercoastal with an added custom bench seat. However, the bluewave sells new for $30K and Z21 for over $50K. I am not spending that kind of money and be married, too.. ;D

    I have been dealing directly with the manufactures to get want I want, versas what is actually standard.

    Details to follow.


    PS: I WILL CREATE A "Stepping up to tournament bass Boat" section shortly....

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    Re: Fishing Boats for under $6000-UPDATED!


    My comments were more directed at the bank fisherman that thinks how cool it would be to fish from a boat. Not someone looking to fish FLW, T-dub ;D

    My opinion will hold true, that if you are testing the waters of owning a boat - $6000k in cash can be a smart move.

    That way, if fishing gets old, cost get to high, guess what? If you bought the right boat, it will still be worth $6k !!


    Ps. Looking forward to the next section " Getting into a tourney boat " !


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