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Thread: Skunk is OFF!

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    Skunk is OFF!

    Lake Del Valle - Livermore, CA 4-28-12 - Since it's not a local lake, I will post here.

    Rented a boat today and finally got off the bank and caught a couple of fish!
    Fish are in pre-spawn and we were able to pick off a couple of males out of about 15 that we saw. Water visibility was only 12-15 feet, that's all. Temps in the low 50's and was a BEAUTIFUL day to be on the water. We dicked with each fish for at least 15-20 minutes each where most would only pick up the end of the baits or just slap at em. REALLY tried to get a couple of smallies I saw for Karen but to no avail.
    We did see a fat girl that was at worst a heavy 8 lber. She wouldn't sit in a spot for more than a couple of seconds or so and then run deep. We kept going back in hopes of catching her off guard with a jig, senko or brush hog. She turned on it a couple of times but that was it.
    Will add a few spinnerbaits and a few more jigs to my arsenal for the next trip.

    Tuckered out on a previous trip.

    Got it made!

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    Thanks for the report and glad you are out fishing.
    "There is only one thing wrong with a fishing day--its staggering brevity. If a man spent all his days fishing, life would seem to be a swift dream." Zane Grey

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    Cool Scott! Looks like a gorgeous day on the water! Super clear water too!

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    Cool pics man! Thanks for the report, looks like it was a alot of fun.
    "Lot's of secret hand shakes and butt patting going on" - Redneck Dustin

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    Great pics bro, glad to hear you're getting out some.

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    I sure wish people would start posting misc. info in the misc. info section.........
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    NICE to see you out and some nice country too... Got to love that hat!!!!! War Eagle
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    Awesome man, I love the pics of Skyler......

    When are y'all coming back to visit?

    Also how is your wife and my two kids?
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    Great pics Scott. Very scenic!

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    NIce day out bro!!! That is a purdy lake fersure..



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