Camper Shell replacement glass
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    Camper Shell replacement glass

    Well some real genious threw a Bud lite bottle through my campershell glass a few weeks ago. The guy had to be real bright cause he bought Bud lite (assuming it is actualy beer, which it is not...rice water and hop extract) and chunked his bottle of headache juice over my backyard fence and into the campershell which was sitting on the ground. I figure there are a couple of ways to fix it.

    1-buy plexi or lexan and cut and install myself but a sheet of optic plexi is close to $100 at HD. I've also had issues cutting polycarbonate.

    2-Have a piece of glass cut and install myself. Anyone know of a good glass shop on the south side?

    3- Take the door to a auto glass shop and have them cut and install it. Just not sure if auto glass shop will custom cut tempered glass, and what would it cost.

    Does anyone have a word of advice or a good place to have this work done?

    Thanks, Dez

    P.S. Bud sucks :P :-[ :P :-[ :P

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    Re: Camper Shell replacement glass

    At my dealership we use John's Auto Glass 512.468.7545. They come to you and install any window in your car/truck. They do good work and might be able to help you.



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