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Thread: My newest fly

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    My newest fly

    So when it's cold outside and you don't want to put on multiple layers of clothes to go fishing, it's time to tie flies. This is my newest fly created in honor of my husband who bought me a fly tying vise as an early Christmas gift. It's kind of scraggly on the bottom which reminds me of his beard when it's unkept. I also managed to add two stripes of white which he has in his beard as well. I call it El Jefe. I'm sure it probably looks like a fly someone else has invented already. My knowledge of the multitude of flies out there is very small. Will be testing it out soon on a local pond. IMG_3059.JPG

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    That looks great.
    Pro Wrestling is real Mr Anderson.

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    Looks good.

    What would you recommend for a basic set up to begin tying flies?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hopedale View Post
    Looks good.

    What would you recommend for a basic set up to begin tying flies?
    I shall write two paragraphs..... what I started with and what I use now

    I started with the following:
    Vise grips held onto my coffee table with a clamp from Lowes
    Thread snips from hobby lobby
    sharpie - black and red
    hackle pliers
    krazy glue in bottle with brush
    Pair of pliers
    homemade bobbins

    What I use now:
    Atlas Vise
    UV resin (the stuff you see on TV - 5 second glue stuff)
    everything else is still the same especially youtube!!!!!!!

    I try to keep it cheap as much as possible. If I can create the tool, I do - bobbins, dubbing twist tool, UV flashlight, dubbing brush, etc.

    Warning though, you will find that it will become a hobby that will take over your workspace so dedicate yourself a large area and get yourself a low seating chair or a couple of phone books to raise your vise so you are not hunched over the entire time. A very understanding spouse is absolutely a must because as you begin to see things and their alternative fly tying uses, you will start buying stuff just to see if you can make a fly out of it. Check out Living Waters in Round Rock ... great store with lots of people who know what they are talking about plus they have free fly tying classes. You can just go to watch if you want to.

    Best of luck!!
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