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Thread: 8 lb braid for ultralight spinning

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    I've tried throwing flies with this type set up and it didn't work very well. Plus if you don't tie a perfect knot with 2 lb mono, it is weakened to almost nothing right off the bat. If you go with braid, then a leader, then another knot to the bait, it will be easy to break. Maybe the braid direct to the bait would be different though. it's an interesting thought. Now, I have thrown flies (nymph patterns with lead eyes so they sink) on a spinning rod with a Thill weighted bobber and caught all the bream and sunfish i wanted. Its a lot of fun and you can throw the weighted bobber for days!!

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    I've started throwing braid on all my light/ultralight setups. Doesn't both the crappie one bit and if you get a 5 lb bass on you can just wrench them up without worrying about breaking it. I usually use 15 lb braid which is the width of 6 lb mono IIRC.

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    I ended up getting a Tica Cetus SE500, which was small enough not to need any backing with the 8 lb braid. The braid was thicker than advertised. I just put some tape on the spool to keep the line from slipping. I tied on a mono leader with an alberto knot.

    The rig worked great. It cast OK with a 1/32 oz jig, and it zinged the 1/16 oz nicely. I hung up on the bottom once and had to break the lure off. The uni-knot broke at the lure before the alberto knot. So, the leader system is solid.

    Unfortunately, the white bass did not cooperate. The run seems to be over before it really started at my usual spot.

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    I have been using #8 braid on my crappie rigs for at least 20 years without a problem, but I also use 9 foot fly rod to make up for the lack of stretch so I don't rip their lips off.
    when it comes to bass I use FC, braid, and mono depending on lure and water clarity. In gin clear water it is hard to beat FC, but if water isn't clear I will either use a braid or mono unless fishing deep diving crank baits then I always use FC since it sinks and allows my crank bait to get to depth quicker and stay there. Top water except for frogs I use mono as IMO I get a better action using mono. Frogs I always use braid. Pitching into heavy cover I use braid. In saltwater inland bays I use mono since I am mostly always targeting specs and prefer line with stretch and never have to really worry about hanging up in open water. I use Seaguar InvizX FC, P-Line TCB Braid, and Berkley Trilene mono except in saltwater I use Berkley big game and have never needed anything above 12lb in saltwater and have landed 30+ lb bull reds with it. I do use a mono backing with FC, but no backing with braid. What I do do to save a little money with braid since it has no memory I will take it off one reel and run it right onto another reel and use the opposite end as it has never been exposed to the sun and very little moisture. Though I buy my braid in 2500 yard spools so I do not have to worry if there is enough to fill my reel.

    I may buy some nano and give it a try in place of mono.
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    i used nanofil on the coast a few years ago and had no issues w/ reds or trout. i did have some other issues that morning, like it was 38 degrees and 38mph! but we were reeling 'em in like crazy!
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    Quote Originally Posted by stinkbate View Post
    I normally use 2lb mono on my spinning reel. I wasn't able to find it anywhere locally, so ended up getting some 8 lb power pro that has a smaller diameter. I'm sure the spool won't be enough to fill up the reel.

    I've used fly line backing to fill up the reel underneath mono before. Would this work with braid, or is it going to dig in? Should I use something else instead?
    Just curious what you are fishing for with 2 pound mono? I don't even use line that small for trout fishing.
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    Gar. I use it to fish for gar.

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    They say stupidity is doing the same thing over again expecting different results. Maybe this is just enough different. I just found this knot, Andy knot, on youtube.
    The key advantage I see is that the braid is doubled and tied before the joining knot is even tied. That way its next to impossible for the braid to fray and unravell and eventually have the knot come appart. That was my biggest problem trying to go from a 20lb braid to like a 12 lb fluro.

    I still like the extra weight of the all fluro making it easier to cast the tiniest lures. Similar to what a fly fisherman does.


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