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Thread: Buying new reel

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    Buying new reel

    What is best Curado or Revo?

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    I am by no means an expert on this.. That being said I have been looking real hard at new reels and it seems to me that the Curados and Citicas are not what they used to be. I have some of the older Curados and Citicas I love them, but I think I would have to go with the Revos, and may just try out one of the new Okumas. They seem pretty nice. I think between those 2 reels I would have to say the Revo would be the way to go. Or maybe an older used Curado

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    personally, i have a curado 200e5, and its a beast of a reel. smooth, durable and made to last. never fished a revo, i have some other abu garcia reels, and they work as well. i have a black max2 and an orra sx, and they both perform above expected
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    Both are good reels, I prefer the Revo though
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    If you don't want to spend that much money. I have purchased a couple of Bass Pro Shop reels, and they cast like a dream. Have a great time fishing them. They are having a great sell on quantum reels for $60 dollars (usually $129) I have the accurist, and they work just dandy
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    I have nearly all the reels mentioned above and find all of them to be pretty good. I have the Revo SX and love it. I have a Curado 200e7 and love it. I have a couple of Citicas and think I can do better for that money. I do not have the newest models of the curado or citica so can't speak for them. I have a couple of Okuma Cayennes and they work very well. I have two Diawa Zillions and they cast better than any reels I have. I also have a Bass Pro Pro Qualifier and it is a very good reel. It's on sale right now as is the Johnny Morris Carbon Black which I hear is a good reel. The only drawback I hear about BPS reels is that parts can be hard to find. And while I've never tried one, next time Academy puts the Mettles on sale, I'm going to pick up a couple to try out. I hear good things about them including Academy will replace them if they stop working.

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    Curados without a doubt have 10 of them never had a problem. Been fishing them for 6 years IF I DO HAVE PROBLEMS we have the best shimano person to work on them on this site.
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    Revo big time

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    I would say put both of them in your hand to check the feel. As far as everything else goes each real off the assembly line could be just a tiny bit different. Make it simple and buy both
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    you're up either real late or reeeeeeeeeeal early!
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