The World Turns Again
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    The World Turns Again

    Since my last post Fringe has agreed to one new contract beginning in 3 weeks, 1 renewel and will be negotiating a 3rd in April:
    1) Person is needed who has the following experience: Scheduling/production/shipping knowledge as well as the ability to pour as needed.
    1-2) Persons interested in getting the training needed to reach a level of proficiency that will qualify them to be "Leads". For this position I will bring one person on at a time to expedite the training process.

    Current product contracts are for worms & swimbaits (line thru, hollow belly & flukes)

    I can't begin to tell you all of the projects that are in process but I will share one under consideration: The individual who shows us what we need to see will be assigned to the "Field". This will entail travel to major FLW & BASS events with pre-arranged commits. You will be pouring from a mobil station directly for the anglers.

    I will state again, due to the nature of these contracts certain legal agreements have to be signed. I can interview & receive calls only between 5-7 PM. Please send any resumes to no PMs please. Under the circumstances if you are sponsored by a company(s) that produce similar baits it's understandable that this opportunity could be viewed as a conflict of interest. However we could still discuss on an individual basis as everyone has situation me I know.

    Thank you,

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    On a side note: Austinjohn thank you for the referal I could be so lucky to get 3 more just like him...I owe you.



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