Lake Austin Grass Carp before and after photos?
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Thread: Lake Austin Grass Carp before and after photos?

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    Lake Austin Grass Carp before and after photos?

    Does anyone have some good before and after shots of areas with reeds (laguna gloria would be a good one), grass, heck, life...before and after the carp?
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    Laguna Gloria 2009

    Laguna Gloria 2016

    Rebar Bridge 2009

    Rebar Bridge 2016

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    Coldwater Creek - 2009
    Cold Water Creek 2009.jpg

    Coldwater Creek - 2016

    Bend just up from 360 - 2009

    Bend just up from 360 - 2016

    All images from Google Earth.

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    Not good :/

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    Think it's time to start calling Lake Austin "the DD", for "Drainage Ditch". There is virtually zero sign of life in the water. No bluegills, minnows, baitfish. Last year at this time we were marking tons of shad and literally a mile of white bass along the nothing. I fished hard on Sunday for about 4 hours, the only movement was the occasional carp breaching. I fished the drawdown 4 times, hitting the most productive spots in the past drawdowns, I caught about 2 or 3 dinks each time....largest was a 4-7. I caught two fish schooling chasing under the bluff wall. I did see some kids catch a 4lb bass at the mouth of Panther on CUT BAIT!!!

    The water Sunday had that ugly brown tint, with a lot of the patches of the sticky bubbles. It's only going to get worse with the avalanche of wake board boats on the horizon.

    i'd be in favor of draining the entire lake and just starting over

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    I agree with Allan. Then can we put all the people that F'd it up on a firing line. Ok I know not nice. But someone needs to pay for this mistake.
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    They killed LadyBird Lake too. I will still give it a shot tonight. After tonight I will stick to carp fishing in Austin... Bass fishing everywhere else in Texas.
    LTE for the win

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    I know it's a bad situation, however I fished the drawdown 3 times with decent results overall. I fished from a canoe fishing within a mile or two of 360 bridge in either direction. The first two trips were fish after fish-all caught on rattletraps. The 3rd time was a bust with only one white bass and one dink. All the bass I caught were fat and healthy looking. Biggest around 6.5 lbs. I know the lake has been ruined from what it used to be but it was nice to see some healthy bass
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