Copano Bay 11/11 - 11/13
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Thread: Copano Bay 11/11 - 11/13

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    Copano Bay 11/11 - 11/13

    Quick trip to Rockport. Picked up my 8 year old nephew in Houston Thursday night and came back to Austin. Friday morning we left for Rockport and were putting the boat in the water just after 3:00 pm and fished till just before sunset. Stayed at a house in the Salt Lake area so we headed to Port Bay and in the little time we had managed to find some rat reds. My nephew managed to land 4 or 5, he even managed to land more than me and according to him it was awesome. On Saturday we put in about 9:00 am and headed back to Port Bay and fished till about 12:30. Same story as the evening before, 7 or 8 rat reds in total. My wife even even caught a red while she was holding my rod as I was helping my nephew. Forgot to mention she's 8 months pregnant. We came back in for lunch and little break. My sister in law and brother in law came down and met us and my brother in law and I headed out and were in Newcomb Bend about 4:00 pm. There were definitely fish around but we didn't have much daylight and he doesn't fish much so had a hard time getting his timing right. A few under-sized trout and reds and I put one keeper red in the boat and lost another right at the boat. I didn't plan on heading out Sunday morning but the water was like glass and I had some shrimp that were still alive so I made a quick solo run to Port Bay and landed about 10 rat reds and a few under-sized trout. I ran out of live bait and they were taking dead bait as well as Gulp shrimp. We had to leave the house by 11:00 so I only fished about an hour and a half. I was hoping to see some bird activity and track down some trout but no such luck but if you were headed that way I would definitely heading to Port Bay or Newcomb Bend. Quick trip, didn't fish hardcore but it was fun. Will likely be my last salt trip for a while with the little one on the way. Gotta give my wife credit for making the trip and heading out on the water twice. Water temps were around 67/68F and the water was almost "trout green" but there was rain earlier in the week, wind from the N/NE between 10-14 mph or less at times. Got back to Austin about 4:00 pm today.
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    It sounds like a great trip. Thanks, and congrats on the new fisherperson on the way!



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