3 days fishing upper texas coast
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Thread: 3 days fishing upper texas coast

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    3 days fishing upper texas coast

    Spent the last 3 days fishing from Galveston down to Surfside.

    Was with mostly people who casually fish, so we spent most of the time drowning live shrimp under popping corks or on sinkers.

    15mph SSW winds
    Water temp: 83deg
    Water color: clear in some spots, totally churned later in the day.
    Full Moon.
    Low Pressure.

    Ran all over lower west bay / San Luis area.
    Caught a handful of nice Spanish and small sand trout on shrimps.

    Ran all over Galveston, near the big bridge and Jones Bay.
    Caught some small specks throwing dark shrimp w/ a dipped tail on a light jighead.
    Started catching small slot reds at the end of the day, about 150yards from the boat ramp. (after logging 35 miles running around, doh).

    More running around the ICW in west bay.
    Caught more small specks throwing dark shrimp w/ a dipped tail.
    Caught a few rat reds on shrimps.

    All in all, it was a lot of frustration because we had multiple-tide days (tons of water movement). We sat at a lot of creek drains and points with obvious bait in the water.... but if they arent eating shrimp, what the heck could we have done. Surprised we didn't catch one hardhead, gafftop or stingray on shrimp.

    I'm guessing it had to do w/ a clear sky and full moon the last couple days. Thought the conditions were right, but just couldnt find the big ones or any flatties.

    May wait for another cold front or two before heading back down.
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    TFTR. sounds like my last trip to the coast during a full moon. I'll be heading down next week to see if the fall patterns are starting to kick in
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